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Stainless steel electric heating tube, do you know?

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Stainless steel electric heating tube, do you know?

作者: 江苏雄义环保自动化设备有限公司点击: Release Date: 2018-12-06 Author: Jiang Su Xiongyi Environmental Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Views:

The stainless steel electric heating tube is made of stainless steel as a sheath, a magnesium oxide rod as an inner core, as a filler for magnesium oxide powder, and a nickel-chromium wire as a heating wire. It can be roughly divided into single-head electric heating tube and double-head electric heating tube.

"Stainless steel" refers to its material. Electric heating tube, scientific name metal tubular heating element, is more commonly used. Classification of stainless steel electric heating pipe: single head electric heating pipe, double head electric heating pipe, stainless steel electric heating pipe, heat sink electric heating pipe, water heating electric heating pipe, dry burning heating pipe, mold electric heating pipe, high temperature discoloration hose, hot runner electric heating coil, cigarette equipment Electric heating pipe, pharmaceutical machinery heating pipe, electroplating equipment heating pipe , Teflon heater, titanium heating rod, far infrared heating pipe, ceramic heating pipe, titanium lead-free tin furnace heating pipe, heating coil, plastic mechanical heating coil, etc.

Application range of stainless steel: stainless steel fin-type electric heating pipe , which can be installed in blower pipes or other stationary, flowing air heating occasions; in metal stamping, machinery manufacturing, automotive, textile, food, home appliances and other industries, especially in air conditioners Electric curtains in the air curtain industry and stamping industry are widely used as hot air components. Common external structures are: I-type (straight tube), U-type, W-type (M-type), O-type (ring) and so on. The following is a brief enumeration of the structure and data of W-type (M-type) fin heating tubes.


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