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Principle of flange electric heating tube

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Principle of flange electric heating tube

作者: 江苏雄义环保自动化设备有限公司点击: Release Date: 2018-12-11 Author: Jiang Su Xiongyi Environmental Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Views:

(1) After the carbon fiber flange electric heating tube is energized, during frequent startup, shutdown and long-term continuous work, the power is stable within some tolerances, and no instantaneous current impact will occur;

Rapid heating, energy saving and environmental protection, electric-to-heat conversion efficiency up to 95%

Carbon fiber heating element is a pure black body material, so it has the characteristics of rapid temperature rise, small thermal hysteresis, uniform heat generation, long heat radiation transmission distance, and fast heat exchange speed.

(1) Electric-to-heat conversion efficiency is over 95%, which is 30% more energy-saving than general metal heating elements

(2) The luminous flux in the working process is much smaller than the electric heating tube of the metal heating body, which means that the electricity is converted into high heat.

(3) The far-infrared rays emitted by it are strongly absorbed directly by the human body, clothing, water, etc. During the heat transfer process, the heat loss is small and the energy saving is strong;

(4) Stronger absorption of carbohydrates, good carbon atom resonance effect, and greatly improved product efficiency.

Significant far-infrared radiation effect

The energy emission method of the carbon fiber flange electric heating tube is based on far-infrared radiation. Its electric-to-thermal radiation conversion efficiency is 70% and the normal full emissivity is more than 86%.

(1) After the carbon fiber flange electric heating tube is energized, the internal system of the explosion-proof electric heater will radiate infrared energy that can heat the material. The infrared radiation wavelength of the far-infrared radiant heating lamp is 2.3 ~ 15μm. It is mainly used in high-infrared heating technology to heat the workpiece with high-density, high-energy, high-intensity radiation, which is suitable for the requirements of high production and high quality of modern production technology.

(2) The far-infrared wavelength of the carbon fiber far-infrared electric heating tube accounts for more than 80% of the overall wavelength. At the same time, it can be absorbed by water molecules in the air to produce a resonance frictional heat effect, which achieves the effect of rapidly increasing the temperature of the heating environment. In particular, it can effectively activate human tissue cells, accelerate new metabolism, enhance immune capabilities, and also have deodorizing and dehumidifying effects.

long lasting

(1) Carbon fiber flange electric heating tube. Yancheng Xuanyuan's technicians found that its life span is more than 6000 hours. During frequent startup, shutdown and long-term continuous work, the heating element has no oxidation and breakdown. Clean inside and outside the wall.

(2) Under high temperature, it does not oxidize, and under the same current load area, the strength of the metal wire is 6-10 times lower than that of carbon fiber.

energy saving

(1) No light pollution, no irritation to eyes and burned skin;

(2) No high-frequency radiation (only far-infrared radiation), no microwave, electromagnetic waves, and absorption of harmful light.


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