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Thread-mounted single-head electric heating tube

Thread-mounted single-head electric heating tube

  • 螺纹安装单头电加热管
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  • Category: Single head electric heating pipe with thread mounting

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  • Release Date: 2019/08/13
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Overview of single-head electric heating pipe with thread mounting:

Thread-mounted single-head electric heating tube is a new type of high-power, small-volume liquid electric heating element. The correct use of the heating tube can effectively avoid the trouble of dry burning, short circuit, leakage, etc. Do not leave the heating tube in the air during use in.

The single-headed electric heating pipe with threaded installation has a reasonable and compact screw-tooth mounting structure that allows the heater to withstand large mechanical shocks and vibrations. The sealed and waterproof treatment of the outlet part makes the heater widely used in relatively harsh environments.

Thread-mounted single-head electric heating pipe is filled with electric heating wire in seamless metal pipe (carbon steel pipe, titanium pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe), and the gap is filled with magnesium oxide powder shrinking pipe with good thermal conductivity and insulation. It can be processed into various shapes required by users. It has a simple structure, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength, and good adaptability to harsh environments. It can be used for the heating of various liquids, acid and alkali salts, and also suitable for the melting of metals with low melting points (lead, zinc, tin, pasteurized alloy). Users can provide drawings for special design and processing for special specifications.

Advantages of threaded single-head electric heating pipe:

1. Small diameter, can be 3-25MM.

2, the length is not limited, can be 20-2000MM.

3, high power, can be achieved (surface area of 20 watts / cm2), even abroad (60 watts / cm2).

Technical parameters of single-head electric heating pipe with thread mounting:

1. Diameter of electric heating pipe: Φ5.5 ~ Φ30

2. Electric heating pipe: SUS201, SUS304, SUS321, SUS316L, SUS310S, stainless steel waterproof scale coating treatment, titanium pipe

3. Input power and power: customized as required

4. Length of electric heating tube: customized as required

5. Others: working environment, terminal or lead length (conventional: 200mm), whether thread installation (thread size) is required, etc.

Performance requirements of single-head electric heating pipe with thread mounting:

1 Leakage current Cold state leakage current and leakage current after water pressure and sealing test shall not exceed 0.5mA
2 When multiple components are connected in series to the power supply, the leakage current test shall be performed using this group of components as a whole.
3 The ability to withstand power on and off shall be able to withstand 2000 on and off tests under specified test conditions without damage.

Application range of single-head electric heating pipe with thread mounting:

1. Laboratory heat treatment test.

2. Chemical industry, etc.

3. Mold heating has been accepted by a wide range of customers in modern industrial applications.

4. Heating system in plastic machinery.

5. Pharmaceutical production line.

Product features of single-head electric heating pipe with thread mounting:

1. Long service life: The main technical indicators are implemented according to JB / T2379-93 "Metal tubular electric heating element" and JB / T 4088-99 "Daily tubular electric heating element". The service life of the product is ≥4000h.

Directly energize or dry burn. If the liquid level is found to be lower than the heater heating area during operation, power off measures should be taken immediately, otherwise it will cause damage or fire.

2. Has good thermal efficiency and uniform heat generation;

3. High temperature and corrosion resistance;

4. Has good stable performance;

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